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Cenisy Brand Story:
At Cenisy, we believe beauty should not be a luxury but a right for every woman. We are a team fueled by creativity and passion, dedicated to creating a fresh nail experience.

Our journey began with a love for nail art and a desire for freedom and innovation. Understanding the challenges of busy lifestyles and tedious nail appointments that may hinder self-expression, we founded Cenisy—a unique nail brand specializing in press-on nails.

Our press-on nails are meticulously handcrafted, infused with our love and dedication to nail art. We strive for novelty and fashion, with each design representing our respect for nail trends.

However, Cenisy is more than just nails; it symbolizes a commitment to health, safety, and non-toxicity. We staunchly oppose animal testing, ensuring all our products are harmless, while also dedicating ourselves to environmental sustainability.

Pride fills us for the quality of our products. Our press-on nails are durable and glossy, akin to those crafted directly in nail salons. We believe high-quality nails should be accessible to every woman, not just a fortunate few.

Our philosophy is simple: beauty should be convenient and healthy. Why press-on nails? Because we believe such products empower women to change their nail styles at any moment, meeting the demands of clothing and makeup. It provides a means of self-expression while saving precious time and money, reducing the nail damage associated with traditional manicures.

Cenisy's mission is to enable every woman to freely showcase her beauty. We pursue freedom, innovation, and quality in nail art, as we believe beauty should not be constrained by time, money, or limitations.

Welcome to the Cenisy nail family—join us in embarking on a beautiful journey, showcasing your radiance every moment.

Cenisy Brand Values:

  • 100% Handcrafted: Our commitment to pure handcraft reflects in the meticulous creation of each nail product, delivering salon-quality nails to our customers.
  • Fashionable Convenience: Staying abreast of trends, we offer the latest designs to meet your fashion aspirations while saving your precious time and money.
  • Safe and Healthy: We use safe, non-toxic materials with no animal testing. Wearing our nails, especially in comparison to traditional nail polish, contributes to healthier nails.